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Whether you're looking for student jobs in London, graduate jobs in the UK or further afield, GradQuiz gives you easily-digestible information right at the end of your fingertips. That’s why we’ve brought together all the key information you need to make an informed, educated choice about where to start your career.

Each major industry in the UK is featured here from Banking and Engineering, to Marketing and Retail. Within each section you’ll find all the information you need. Find out the salary range you can expect and the key skills you need to land a job in your chosen industry. Get the lowdown on how fast you can progress and learn about the kind of mindset you need to be successful. You’ll also find suggested jobs - each one uniquely matched to you - and the top graduate employers in your chosen industry.

An understanding of your chosen industry and commercial awareness are crucial to making an application which is irresistible to employers. Spending time researching your industry and learning the key requirements employers look for in their graduates will make filling out your application a piece of cake and interviews a breeze. So, if you are looking for a graduate job in London or anywhere else in the UK, start exploring by simply selecting an industry sector and start enhancing your commercial awareness. It’s your future and it’s in your hands - start your journey here.

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The banking industry is frequently in the headlines, and not always for the right reasons. But there’s more to the sector than meets the eye. For graduates, banking offers a tough but rewarding career which is notoriously competitive to get in to. The sector has many different areas, including Investment Banking, Stock Broking, Corporate Banking and everything in between! Perhaps surprisingly, a career in banking is not just for those who have studied Finance at university but open to any student who has an excellent academic record, as applicants are judged on high levels of achievement across the board. A career in banking is perfect if you are looking for a fast paced challenging graduate position.
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Fundamentally, engineering is solving problems. Engineers solve the problems that underpin all aspects of life and can be seen in evidence in nearly everything such as driving a car, taking a phone call or cooking a meal. Engineers are involved with the design and production of a huge variety of things and, tackle problems from the small, like how to make the best razor possible; to on a grand scale, like working out how to make clean drinking water more readily available throughout the world. Engineers make a key contribution to society, so if you’re looking for a career in which you can add value to the world and take a real sense of pride in your work, engineering could be for you.
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FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is a multi-million pound sector and is made up of a huge range of household brand names, which provide products ingrained into our everyday lives. The products are referred to as ‘Fast Moving’ because they are the quickest items to leave the supermarket shelves. They also tend to be the high volume, low cost items (e.g. Toothpaste, cleaning products and confectionaries). Profit margins are often quite small in FMCGs, but they are sold in high quantities, meaning they can be highly profitable overall. Logistics is an important part of the FMCG industry, as efficient distribution is key to maintaining a high turnover and generating profits.
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The Digital and Technology sector is now one of the cornerstones of the UK economy. The UK is home to some of the world’s leading IT companies with ARM and Autonomy based here as well as being a focus point for expansion for firms such as Google, Facebook and Apple. The huge rise in information technology as a leading sector has presented a number of challenges for the industry. in particular, there is a shortfall in talent with reports indicating that graduates with programming skills in JavaScript, C#, C++ are the hardest to recruit for. With the industry showing no signs of stopping the incredible variety and scope that a career in IT presents, makes it an extremely attractive proposition for talented graduates.
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A graduate career in law offers many different paths, although the most common is training to be either a Solicitor or Barrister. Solicitors provide legal services directly to clients whilst barristers work mainly in court arguing on behalf of their clients. Whichever route you take into law a high level of commitment and dedication will be required of you. Training to become a Solicitor or Barrister can be extremely expensive but it can make for a highly rewarding career. There are numerous law firms that you could go into with the top five, headquartered in the UK, known as the ‘Magic Circle’. This is made up of Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Linklaters, and Slaughter and May.
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Marketing is the function of understanding and identifying demand in the marketplace and being able to drive consumer purchases to make a company profitable. This encompasses a wide range of aspects including research, design, pricing and more recently, social media. A Graduate career in marketing is so attractive, the scope of opportunities is huge as well as the potential to specialise in a specific area and work for some of the worlds biggest brands like Apple, Coca-Cola or Disney. Entry into marketing is competitive and you’ll have to be prepared to put in the hours and keep up with the fast pace. But if you can rise to the challenge, the rewards can be great.
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Retail is the UK’s largest employer, with a three million strong workforce. In essence, retail is the process of selling consumers’ goods or services to earn a profit. For you, as a graduate, it means so much more. Retail is an increasingly competitive sector with companies vying to provide better customer service through multiple channels. Therefore, the demand for highly skilled graduates has increased immeasurably at both managerial level as well as positions that require technical skills such as web and app development. Many retailers now offer the best graduates fast track entry into top positions, making retail an attractive place to begin your career.
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